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An NPS Prism Case Study

How a National Energy Leader Turned CX Ideas Into Action with NPS Prism

Dominion sought an experienced partner who could help them transform meaningful customer insights into data-driven CX strategies.

Dominion Energy
At a Glance

Offices Across the U.S.
7 m+
Nationwide Customers
20 k+

The Background

Operating in 16 states across the U.S., Dominion Energy provides affordable and reliable energy to over 7 million people. As a leader in the clean energy transition, Dominion is committed to leaning more heavily on renewable energy sources in order to achieve net-zero carbon and methane emissions by 2050 and preserve the planet’s natural resources.

With over 20,000 employees ranging from line workers to executive leadership, Dominion’s teams work to accomplish a wide range of business objectives, but all are aligned around the mission of doing right by their customers.

Naturally, their commitment to the customer means Dominion is continuously looking to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint. Their customer service team gathers meaningful CX insights  to effectively gauge brand perception and drive customer journey changes.

Looking forward, Dominion has its eyes set on becoming the most sustainable energy company in the country. With detailed plans in place to harness more offshore wind, solar power, renewable natural gas, and more, the business is positioned well to efficiently serve their customers and communities without negatively impacting our environment.

The Opportunity

While the energy industry isn’t rife with competition, Dominion knew their customers had the choice to go with a different utilities company if they weren’t meeting their expectations. Knowing this, the customer service team prioritized building trust, credibility, and loyalty with their valued customers. Accomplishing this meant that data-driven, granular insights would need to be brought into the fold in order to know exactly where, when, and how to improve customer journeys.

In order to effectively bridge the gap between understanding customer sentiment and acting on it, Dominion sought an experienced partner who could help them measure their most impactful customer journeys, analyze that data more purposefully, and gauge the effectiveness of their CX adjustments on a continual basis.

Our CS team was in a great position to change customer behavior, but we needed more learning and education internally around optimizing the customer experience. We needed a partner who knew more than just the basics of quality CX. We needed someone who could help us bridge the gap between strategy and actuality.

Utibe Bassey

Vice President of Customer Experience, Dominion Energy

The Solution

As a result of partnering with NPS Prism, Dominion was able to:

  1. Get an accurate pulse on the customer experience and gauge brand perception of Dominion.
  2. Identify which customer journeys to measure and improve.
  3. See in real-time how changes to CX were impacting customers.
  4. Optimize digital touchpoints for improved customer experience.

Once Dominion’s customer service team had buy-in from senior leadership on the importance of improving customer journeys, the search began for the right CX partner. They sought a team of proven CX experts who knew how to measure and optimize customer journeys, and had experience doing this for world-class utilities companies.

Their search led them to NPS Prism.

Through NPS Prism’s CX benchmarking platform, Dominion was able to set measurable goals around customer experience that everyone was aligned on.

"NPS Prism makes it clear where to focus our customer experience efforts. They’ve given us the tools to set measurable goals around our customer journeys, and determine which touchpoints have the biggest impact on our customers’ perception of us."

Utibe Bassey, Vice President of Customer Experience, Dominion Energy

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At NPS Prism, we provide clients with a clear way to benchmark NPS and take their customer experience to the next level. Built on tried-and-true customer journey methodologies and backed by Bain, our CX benchmarking solution lets you quickly spot and quantify gaps between your company and competitors.

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