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Stay Ahead of Airline Market Shifts and Monitor Competitors

NPS Prism provides the most comprehensive CX data for airlines. Keep a pulse on industry disruption
and benchmark with competitor performance at the product, service and channel level.

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Companies Covered in Our Dataset

NPS Prism for Airlines

Airline brands NPS Prism includes data on all major US Airline companies at the brand and experience levels along with digital channels.
Customer Journeys NPS Prism contains granular data across booking, during and post-travel episodes including loyalty programs.
30 k+
Customers Surveyed Annually NPS Prism collects data from a representative sample of over 30K annual travelers.

Airline Customer Journeys That Matter

See a sample of the journeys we analyze from end to end in the NPS Prism platform.

To support learning at a granular level, NPS Prism gathers Net Promoter feedback for every episode, enabling its subscribers in, for example, the automobile industry to compare not only their relationship scores but also how they stack up for both digital and human interactions at every episode along the customer journey.

Fred Reichheld

Inventor of NPS and Bain & Company Fellow

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The Latest From NPS PRISM

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As prices continue to rise, consumers are rethinking their spending — and how they measure the value of their purchases. Our latest report explores how these trends impact customer experience (CX), and the strategies teams can use to drive success in uncertain times.

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