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Uplift: A Shortlist of CX Improvements to increase NPS

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As an NPS Prism subscriber, you have identified which episodes create promoters and detractors, and you have quantified net promoter score gaps between you and the leaders. You have a lot of ideas for CX improvements, but you want to know which ones are most important. 

Uplift by NPS Prism is a best-in-class solution for clients looking to work smarter and faster. Tailored for your
brand, Bain's rigorous analysis quantifies the experiences that deliver meaningful relationship NPS improvements.


Relationship NPS (rNPS) Uplift Opportunity



Prioritize the right episodes at the right time

Uplift uses Bain & Company’s finely tuned predictive model informed by industry-leading CX expertise
to identify customer episodes with the greatest potential to lift your relationship NPS. 


Uplift Opportunity by Episode

Your Uplift analysis shows the rNPS impact of episode experiences, and, if relevant, the share of rNPS improvement that may be driven by increases or decreases in the episode's incidence rate.  



A Single Platform To Understand
and Increase NPS



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