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Provide an Unmatched Customer
Experience in Insurance

Use NPS Prism to uncover detailed CX insights and NPS benchmarks.
See how you stack up across renewal, claims, coverage decisions, and more.

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Companies Covered in Our Dataset

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NPS Prism for Insurance

30 +
Insurance Competitors Compare performance with all major national and regional insurers
Customer Journeys Across Auto, Home, and Life; categories include purchase, renew, claim, pay, and more.
75 K
Customers Surveyed NPS Prism collects data from a representative sample of 75K insurance customers, with new data and insights each quarter.

Insurance Customer Journeys That Matter

See a sample of the Auto, Home, and Life journeys we analyze from end to end in the NPS Prism platform

Insurance Insights

The Latest from NPS Prism

Uncover new insurance CX trends in our blog.

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The Latest From NPS PRISM

How Inflation Impacts Customer Experience

As prices continue to rise, consumers are rethinking their spending — and how they measure the value of their purchases. Our latest report explores how these trends impact customer experience (CX), and the strategies teams can use to drive success in uncertain times.

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