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An NPS Prism Case Study

How a Financial Services Leader Achieved Organizational Change with NPS Prism

Prudential Financial partnered with NPS Prism to align on CX focus areas and foster a customer-first culture.

Prudential Financial
At a Glance

Offices Globally
50 m+
Nationwide Customers
40 k+

The Background

Prudential Financial provides insurance, investment management, and retirement planning services to 50 million customers in over 50 countries. Founded nearly 150 years ago, Prudential began with a purpose-driven mission to provide life insurance to working-class families. The company’s key driving force has always been to make lives better, and customer-centricity remains the foundation of its culture. 40,000 employees across 22 countries are committed to prioritizing customer needs.  

Prudential’s Enterprise Experience Design team works closely with over 150 teams throughout the organization to create easy, empathetic experiences that deliver on both business goals and customer needs.    

With such a customer-centric lens, the organization has set its sights on driving global CX transformation in order to provide unparalleled customer experiences.

The Opportunity

In 2021 Prudential set an aspirational goal – to deliver industry leading customer and client experiences. To reach this destination, their CX teams knew this would require lasting organizational change and fostering a customer first culture throughout the business.  

Buy-in and alignment at every level of the organization was key for such a large-scale shift. Additionally, the company knew it would have to adapt to evolving customer expectations and needed a partner that would help its teams harmonize CX metrics.  

We harmonized our CX measurements globally and set business level targets. Of course we’re also using benchmarks such as NPS Prism to assess where we stand against competition and what experience enhancements would give us the most bang for our buck.

Abhii Parakh

Head of Enterprise Experience Design, Prudential

The Solution

Through collaboration with NPS Prism, Prudential was able to achieve organizational change via five key steps:  

  1. Assessment and Talent Foundation: The initial step was assessing the company's standing on CX, revealing inconsistent customer-centricity due to disjointed CX metrics and measurements. Prudential reoriented talent into critical CX roles across various functions, creating cross-functional workstreams. 
  2. Executive Sponsorship: Prudential gathered global leaders from every business and function to align on the belief that a CX focus drives growth. This involved demonstrating the impact of promoters on revenue growth and sharing feedback directly from customers. 
  3. Metrics Alignment: Using NPS Prism, the company was able to see where they stood against competitors and which customer journeys they should focus on. This allowed them to set business-level targets and spread customer insights across the organization. 
  4. Employee Training: Trainings and tools were introduced to align all employees on customer needs, NPS scores, and feedback.  
  5. Empowering CX Champions: Prudential empowered a group of employees across the company to drive and influence CX initiatives. This approach ensured diverse perspectives and increased awareness.  

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