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We Help Great Companies
Delight Their Customers

Composed of dedicated experts from Bain, the NPS Prism team is
committed to elevating the experience of all of our clients’ customers.

Our Mission

Taking the Guesswork out of the Customer Experience

At NPS Prism, we believe customer-centricity is essential — just like our parent company, Bain. Customer-centricity is an operational philosophy and a guiding north star that companies can follow to go from good to great.

In order to live that value, companies need more than just their intuition or mountains of raw, uncontextualized data. They need to know what their customers care about the most, how they compare to competitors and how they can act on that information. Meeting this need and enabling a truly customer-centric world is why NPS Prism exists.

About NPS Prism

The Software That’s Making It All Possible

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With NPS Prism, companies can answer questions like, “Where do we lead and lag our competitors?” “How much is it worth to close the gaps?” and “What should I tell our frontline teams to actually do?”

This powerful NPS benchmarking platform reveals the “why” behind NPS, enabling companies to take immediate, direct actions that translate into real business outcomes. Based on a rock-solid sampling and research methodology, NPS Prism users gain direction and confidence when determining the optimal path forward and making million-dollar decisions.

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Meet Fred Reichheld

Fred Reichheld is a Bain Fellow and the creator of the Net Promoter system of management, a revolutionary, yet simple measure of customer loyalty. Fred’s creation of the Net Promoter Score allows companies to measure promoters, and surpass competitors due to its proven correlation with core company performance metrics. 

Built on this proven methodology of NPS and insights from Fred, NPS Prism was created as a natural next step to provide companies with a deeper understanding of their NPS scores and those of their competitors, enabling them to take immediate, direct actions that translate into an economic advantage.

Meet the NPS Prism Leadership Team

Jason Barro

Founder & Partner

New York

Rahul Sethi

Co-founder & EVP


Quinn Aldrich

VP Client Success & Sales

New York

Xavier Argente

VP Product

New York

Alison Leibovitz

VP Strategy & Business Operations


Passionate About CX?

The NPS Prism team is always looking for talented people who care about giving customers the best experience possible. Join our diverse and ambitious team building the future of CX analytics.

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