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NPS Prism’s Winter 2023 U.S. Benchmarks Report analyzes industry-wide NPS scores, trends, and critical drivers for your company’s CX strategy. Due to ongoing demand based on our first 2022 U.S. Benchmarks report, we are committed to refreshing the report with new benchmarks twice a year. 

The updated report has expanded to include two new industries, home improvement and pharmacy, and will help you answer key questions, such as:

  • How does my industry’s score range compare to others?
  • What’s a good NPS score for my industry?
  • What’s considered good in other industries?
  • How does NPS measurement guide CX strategy

Download now to understand the “why” behind episodes within your customer journey. NPS-benchmarking-report-2023

Fireside Chat: Winter 2023 U.S. Benchmarks

NPS Prism and Bain CX experts explain the 2023 U.S. Benchmarks Report, sharing their analysis on the new NPS leaderboard and how the CX landscape has evolved across 10+ industries. They also debate the importance of key CX drivers including human vs. digital, routine vs. emotive journeys, and mass market vs. niche players.

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