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Earned Growth:
Understanding its Value

Fred Reichheld, NPS + Earned Growth Inventor, and Rahul Sethi, NPS Prism Co-Founder
discuss the long-term value of customer loyalty and how to earn it.

Ever wondered about the financial impact of loyal customers and their referrals?

The NPS® metric of Earned Growth℠ can help you realize it.

By investing time and resources in earning customer love, companies can, over time, rely less on traditional marketing tactics. And, when applied correctly, embracing the idea of customer enrichment is an economic force with the ability to create value by eliminating a reliance on run-of-the-mill marketing strategies.

In this webinar recording, Fred Reichheld, who invented NPS, and Rahul Sethi, cofounder of NPS Prism®, discuss what businesses need to know to be an early adopter of Earned Growth.

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