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June 24, 2024 3 minute read

Leading Grocers Outshine Clubs and Mass Retailers in Key Drivers of the In-Store Browsing Experience

Source: NPS Prism US Groceries (Q1 2024 release) Notes: For each statement, ratings of 6 & 7 are considered “agree”, while ratings 1-5 are considered ‘disagree”, with the exception of “It was easy to find staff when needed” in which ratings were “yes”, “no”, or “I didn’t need to find an employee”

New NPS Prism data from 50k+ customers across 40+ grocers reveals experience gaps between leading grocers (e.g. H-E-B), warehouse clubs (e.g. Sam's Club, Costco), and mass retailers (e.g. Walmart, Target). 

Among the various shopping journeys, the most significant gap is evident in the 'easy to find staff' category, where warehouse clubs and mass merchants trail behind by 18% and 20%, respectively. In addition to having accessible staff, friendly and knowledgeable employees can lead to a 75+ point episode NPS boost.  

Stores and clubs that rank highly across multiple facets of the shopping experience, such as having an intuitive store layout, diverse product offerings, and a high-quality private label, earned higher NPS scores for the 'inspired browsing' journey.

47% of Costco respondents and 30% of Sam's Club respondents tried complimentary food samples, suggesting that samples can be another way for retailers to upgrade the in-store shopping experience.

Warehouse clubs and mass merchants who focus on improving these key drivers can create a more positive shopping experience, and increasing NPS. 

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