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June 24, 2024 2 minute read

6 Key In-Store Factors Boosting Grocers' eNPS Up to 82 Points

Source: NPS Prism US Groceries (Q1 2024 release) Notes: For each statement, ratings of 6 & 7 are considered “agree”, while ratings 1-5 are considered ‘disagree”, with the exception of “It was easy to find staff when needed” in which ratings were “yes”, “no”, or “I didn’t need to find an employee”

Grocery customers have high expectations for their in-store shopping experiences, and meeting these expectations can significantly differentiate retailers in a competitive market.

According to NPS Prism data from 50k+ customers across 40+ grocers, shoppers prioritize an efficient and enjoyable experience. They value stores that are easy to navigate and where they can quickly locate desired items and brands. Clear and informative in-store signage is also crucial, as it guides customers through aisles, minimizes frustration, and enhances the overall shopping journey. Poor performance in these areas can lead to an episode NPS (eNPS) penalty of 80 to 82 points, while positive experiences correlates with "inspired shopping" - customers purchasing more than originally intended.

Customers also place high importance on staff accessibility for in-store assistance along with readily available information on discounts and special offers. Failure in these areas can result in eNPS penalties of 69 to 74 points.

By focusing on improving these critical drivers - store layout, signage, staff availability, sales visibility - grocers can foster increased loyalty and satisfaction.

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