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February 21, 2024 11 minute read

NPS Prism at Medallia Experience '24

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The NPS Prism team recently had the opportunity to attend the Medallia Experience '24 conference, where we engaged with clients and listened to industry leaders discuss the latest trends and innovations in CX. Our key takeaways from the week include :

  • Generative AI and personalization are paramount
  • Stable CX evolution hinges on cultural change
  • Data-driven insights are the foundation of CX success

Additionally, we had the pleasure of hosting our own Sips & Scores networking event for friends of NPS Prism, providing a platform for meaningful exchanges with numerous CX leaders. Take a look at some reflections from our team and snapshots from the event.

"Getting an opportunity to bring together and meet our diverse group that includes some of the largest companies in North America (Prism clients) in one room - watching them talk CX, engage in cross industries similarities was perhaps the best part of being at Medallia last week" - Rahul Sethi, Co-Founder

“It always gives me so much energy to see people coming together with a united purpose of improving customer experience – especially when we are able to connect in-person" - Anna Krementz, Financial Services Lead

"Our Sips & Scores event with Fred Reichheld was fantastic! Always awesome to see our clients but even more awesome to see our CX-loving clients talking to each other and sharing ideas."  - Angie Han, Auto, Retail, Airlines Lead

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