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November 27, 2023 3 minute read

U.S. Utilities See jNPS Disparity Between Gas & Electric

Utilities Gas vs- Electric Page 11-09-23

Within the utilities industry, the experience of “start/stop my service” is an emotive episode for customers. This could be because it’s a critical part of a customer’s already-emotional moving process. Despite its importance, NPS performance in this episode has been declining for both gas and electricity providers.  

Gas companies, however, may be providing clearer information about service plan costs and fees upon signup, as gas customers report a higher level of understanding about those plan details than electricity customers. This has been especially important during the recent inflationary period, and could be contributing to higher NPS scores for gas services than for electric. Electricity service companies should ensure their plan details for rates and fees are clearly communicated in order to provide a more positive customer experience.   



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Source: NPS Prism US Utilities Q4 2022-Q3 2023

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