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June 5, 2023 5 minute read

Unlock CX Excellence with the 2022 NPS Prism® U.S. Benchmarks Report

The NPS Prism 2022 U.S. Benchmarks Report, backed by Bain & Company, takes a deep dive into the essential NPS metric and NPS benchmarks — highlighting the NPS leader in nine major industries. The report offers comprehensive industry-level data for the first time, revealing the secrets to customer experience (CX) success — essential for businesses wanting to gain a competitive edge and unlock the strategies necessary to elevate their customer experience. It analyzes industry-wide NPS scores, trends, and critical drivers for your company's CX strategy. 

NPS Prism's Benchmarks Report will help you answer key questions, such as:

  • How does my industry’s score range compare to others?
  • What’s considered good in other industries?
  • How does NPS measurement guide CX strategy?

Hundreds of companies across nine industries, including airlines, consumer banking, grocery, telecom, video streaming, and convenience retail, have been evaluated in this comprehensive study. Download now to understand the "why" behind episodes within your customer journey.

Critical Report Findings

  • Insurance: In a commoditized market, service differentiation is vital. The loyalty leader in the insurance industry, USAA, stands out by prioritizing excellent customer support, embracing digital channels, rewarding loyalty, and building trust.
  • Internet: Historically, internet providers have struggled with low NPS scores due to limited options and switching challenges for customers. However, companies like T-Mobile are shaking up the market with innovations such as 5G home internet, providing customers with new benefits and offering more value.
  • Auto: While the automotive industry is mainly product-led, customer experience still plays a vital role. Luxury OEMS like Lexus dominate the market by delivering exceptional dealership experiences and in-vehicle performance. Mass-market brands often struggle with weaker performance in critical episodes such as researching models and using driver assist.
  • Mobile: Effectively targeting niche customer segments can be a winning strategy. Consumer Cellular, a smaller mobile provider, excels by delivering excellent customer service tailored to an audience of retirees. Their tailored CX, strong network performance, and fair treatment result in solid customer loyalty and advocacy.
  • Utilities: Providing great CX amid environmental factors requires proactive planning. Utilities providers face challenges due to weather-related circumstances impacting service outages. Focusing on delivering excellent customer service despite these challenges and increasing convenience through digital channels can enhance the overall customer experience.

The NPS Prism 2022 U.S. Benchmarks Report is essential for companies seeking to unlock their CX potential and drive loyalty, advocacy, and business growth. This report empowers businesses to identify industry trends, spot areas for development, and make data-driven decisions to propel their growth.

Get your copy of the full report here to take your CX to the next level with powerful NPS benchmarks and unmatched customer experience insights.

About NPS Prism

NPS Prism is a trusted provider of customer experience data and insights. Backed by Bain & Company, NPS Prism offers businesses the tools and data they need to measure and improve their customer experience, driving business growth and customer loyalty. 

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Footer: Source: NPS Prism US Insurance Survey Q3 2022 n= 15,000

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